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Saturday, 24 March 2012

my tears day today ~ __________~

hey peppsss~
 i'm welcome with tears :'(

ok, wanna know it?

  • first, i miss u doraemon.

  • second, i don't want race for MSSD! * most i hate that*

  • third, i can't be lonely without u,even in school, i can't.

  • forth, i give up with the fate of my life.

  • fifth, no one wanna support me again, i fall with my life.

please, i need someone who colouring back my life, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee     *____________*
i need u my dear,love,honey,hubby,papa... i need u (!) i  am tired with these tears---------II------II

p/s :: i hope u back, with smile, with joyfull and make me smile again, i hope that, amin :'(

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